Natural Food Group Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarter

After being a successful company for more than 20 years, Natural Food Group decided to expand its business and has opened its new headquarters in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The company, which delivers frozen and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and juices to manufacturers and stores across the United States, needed a bigger space.

Natural Food Group hosted a grand opening celebration there Tuesday morning, completed with a ribbon cutting.

About 300 people attended the ceremony. They included US Congressman Charlie Dent, Representative Danny McNeill, Representative Zach Mako, Mike Schlossberg, Representative Pete Schweyer, Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller, Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, Lehigh County Sheriff Ed Hanna, Whitehall Mayor Ed Hozza, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Whitehall Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tony Iannelli, President of Moravian college Bryon Grigsby and President of Turkish American National Steering Committee Halil Mutlu. Addionatally Connor Corpora from Office of Senator Bob Casey, April Niver from Office of Congressman Matt Carwright, Dadia Halma from DCED and Larry Kacyon from Whitehall Chamber of Commerce & Board.

Soldan sağa Murat Güzel, Ed Hozza, John Morganelli, Bryon Grigsby

Local leaders and community also attended the opening ceremony in Whitehall, Yasar Colak, Yavuz Orta, Levent Ali Yildiz, Aydin Mamedov, Yahya Rhodus, Dr. Halil Mutlu and Dr. Danish Sod.

Natural Food Group is sponsored with Turkish American National Steering Committee to send three trucks filled with nonperishable items to Texas to benefit flood victims in Houston. Thousands of pounds of food and supplies will be donated, including a pallet of 5-pound bags of dried apricots.

“We’re blessed to have you Murat and your commitment to this community. What we see today such an example of how you do things” said Tony Iannelli, Whitehall Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

“I want to thank you that what a great friend you have been to our county and the entire community. Not just ours, I can see the truck about to head out to Houston and there are other trucks there as well” said Tom Muller, Lehigh County Executive. “This is exactly what I would expect from you and your company. Thank you for being part of this.”

U.S. Congressman Charlie Dent said “Murat is a great American. Murat is more than just a business leader. He is a man who cares deeply about this community and this country. You can see his op-eds time to time in various publications talking about the state of American – Turkish relations, and about America generally. He is a little bit philosopher too. He is very civic minded. So we appreciate his leadership certainly at the business level, it’s very important to all of us but more importantly the leadership he tries to provide us much broader level for all of us. His voice is very necessary. We are glad to have him.”

“Also again thank Murat what he is doing to help to the victim of Hurricane Harvey. Right here we have Murat, sending out the truck load of product. We can’t say thank you enough for your generosity of your investment here and what you are doing to make our country a better place” Dent said.

“Today is a realization of a dream,” said Murat Guzel, CEO of Natural Food Group.

“With great education and hard work, I have been able to assemble a team that is allowing me to grow the business, and as CEO, I know that our business is only as strong as each one of our team members,” Guzel said.

“Our business is not only committed to the health well-being of our own employees and our customers but also our entire community,” Guzel said. “How can we together make our community an even better place!? Today, as we celebrate the grand opening of our new headquarters, we also must remember our fellow Americans in need. This truck, filled with both healthy and organic products, and some love, is leaving shortly for Texas.”

He also added that “Most of the products in this truck, and the remaining two truck on their way from New Jersey to Texas this week, are origin from my birth country of Turkey. I feel obligated to send aid to my fellow Americans in need. Just as I felt obligated to giving aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey.”

He finished his speech with these words. “I believe success comes from a good education, a great team, and most important, with always giving back from the bounty that God has given us.

After the speeches, a ribbon cutting was performed by U.S. Congressman Charlie Dent and Natural Food Group CEO Murat Guzel.

After ceremony U.S. Congressman gave a speech by the truck and said “I want to simply say thank you to Murat Guzel and his entire team to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Murat has been very active in the business community but more importantly, he has been very active broader community. He has talked the number of issues about the American-Turkish relations. He is showing his generosity by sending this truck and all of this product down to Houston. I’m very excited for Murat’s leadership and more importantly just being a great American man who is a contributing so much to all of us”

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli also posted on Facebook after the event that “I had the privilege of being with an amazing person this morning. His name is Murat Guzel, a Turkish immigrant who founded Natural Food Group, a worldwide business promoting healthy food. Murat is an unabashed admirer of our Founding Fathers and an American success story. Murat loves people, and today was a celebration and ribbon cutting for his relocated business location in Whitehall, Pa. His financial success has never changed his modesty and humbleness, nor did it change his desire to help those less fortunate. As the ceremony unfolded, his trucks were loaded and gassed ready to bring needed food and supplies to Houston, Texas. Murat Guzel, an immigrant who came to the US with dreams, and an appetite for hard work. We are blessed to have him in our LV community.”

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