Özlem Süer is exhibiting her collection in New York which has dedicated to “Göbeklitepe”. Curated by the National Opera and Ballet artist and former general coordinator :Emel Özer and the kind support of St.Regis Hotels the exhibition will be represented at Lazzoni Furniture’s Showroom at Madison Avenue.

Özlem Süer, one of the leading names in Turkish design, will conquer New York this season. The collection designed with the inspiration of Göbeklitepe, which changed the core of the world’s history will be presented with an extraordinary exhibition. While all eyes are on the New York  Fashion Week, the exhibition will be presented at the Lazzoni’s Showroom in Madison Square. 



As seen on the images, captured by Lüey Nohut, the collection emphasize the “Göbeklitepe Year 2019”, focused on wild animal figures, T-shaped stones and round plan details with the unique historical images of foundlings in Göbeklitepe where has described as the zero point of history.

The fact that, this kind of important treasure will be presented on the world stage and in the Turkish-American synthesis at the Square Madison Square, will add value to the promotion of this magnificent heritage.

Sculptural approaches  in the works which show itself with mainly of “prints” and earth colour tones match with the history of Göbeklitepe and make the exhibiton worth to seen.

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