Erdogan talks man out of Bosphorus bridge suicide attempt

A middle-aged man leaves railings after Turkish president — whose convoy was passing over the Bosphorus bridge at the time — offers a helping hand

Turkish president talked a man out of his suicide attempt as his convoy passed by Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge Friday.

A middle-aged man from southeastern Turkey was found lurking on the wrong side of the bridge’s railings after reportedly giving up on life due to family problems, according to a video footage published by Anadolu Agency on Friday.  

As onlookers tried to talk him out of making a fatal 64-meter jump into the freezing waters, men in suits approached the suicidal man, conveying the message that the president himself was on the bridge and wished to meet him.

Erdogan’s armored presidential vehicle was parked on the other side of the bridge — which is closed to pedestrians — with the traffic flowing in a single lane.

The man was then led to the car, where Erdogan heard the man’s problems and asked his aides to help him, bringing the episode to a close.

According to estimates, dozens of people on average attempt to commit suicide every year on the two Bosphorus bridges in Istanbul.

On Dec. 6, two individuals — one on the Bosphorus Bridge and the other on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge — committed suicide within 10 minutes of one another, according to Turkish media reports.

In line with its publishing policies, Anadolu Agency does not usually report on suicide incidents. 

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