Natural Food Group Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarter

After being a successful company for more than 20 years, Natural Food Group decided to expand its business and has opened its new headquarters in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. The company, which delivers frozen and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and juices to manufacturers and stores across the United States, needed a bigger...


Turkey welcomes Meskhetian Turks from east Ukraine

The 300 plus Turkish-speaking minority will live in eastern Erzincan province under Turkey’s asylum measures enacted in April Over 300 Meskhetian Turks from the Turkish-speaking minority in eastern Ukraine have arrived in eastern Turkey’s Erzincan province where they will live under the country’s recently-adopted asylum measures. Two Turkish Airlines planes...


Russia killed ‘hundreds’ of civilians in Syria: report

‘Russian authorities may have lied to cover up civilian damage,’ says Amnesty International report Russian airstrikes in Syria have “killed hundreds of civilians in Syria” and present evidence of violations of international humanitarian law”, said  Amnesty International in a report published on Wednesday. The report includes evidence suggesting that Russian authorities...